ImageMagick and GD are software libraries which should be present on a hosting server in order for images to appear on a specific internet site. They allow you to perform a variety of tasks with the images - create, flip, resize, change colors, etcetera. These things can certainly be carried out online and in real time, so if you include a static image, for instance, the libraries make it possible for a thumbnail to show up on the internet site or for the image to be resized automatically with regards to the device and resolution the website visitor is using. Both ImageMagick and GD can be used with a lot of web programming languages like PHP, Perl and Python, so you don't have to stick to a single language to build your internet site. They work with over 100 formats, including the most widespread ones - JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, etc.

ImageMagick and GD Library in Web Hosting

ImageMagick and GD Library are present on our revolutionary cloud hosting platform, so regardless of which of our web hosting you select, both applications will be available and enabled by default for your new account. They are a part of the software environment for your websites irrespective of the PHP version that you select because we offer several different versions. Any kind of custom or ready-made script app can use the libraries in order to generate thumbnails of your images or graphs from plain text. Determined by the nature of your site, you'll also be able to provide various solutions for your visitors - interactive galleries, live image editing software on a social network site and many others.