CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is that element of a computer or a server which executes all the calculations. Every CPU functions at a particular speed and the larger it is, the speedier everything will be processed, so in case you host resource-demanding web apps on a web server, for example, a quick processor will allow them to be executed faster, which will drastically contribute to the entire user experience. The new generations of CPUs have 2 and more cores, each of them operating at a particular speed to guarantee a better and speedier performance. Such architecture permits the processor to manage numerous processes all at once or a number of cores to handle a single process if it requires more computing power in order to be carried out. Naturally, additional factors including the amount of RAM or the connection a certain server uses may also affect the efficiency of the web sites hosted on it.

CPU Share in Dedicated Servers

Our company offers a number of different hardware configurations with our dedicated server packages, in order to provide you with the opportunity to acquire the one you need for your applications and sites. Since you'll have a whole machine readily available, you'll be able to fully utilize its resources, such as the processing power. We test out every single component before we construct a new web server and the CPU is not an exception, so when we hand over the server, we guarantee that it'll function flawlessly. The processors have 2-12 cores depending on the particular package, so you can choose if you'd like to use a lower-end package deal or a web hosting powerhouse that will allow you to run exceptionally heavy and resource-demanding applications. The powerful CPUs will raise the speed of your sites even if they get a tremendous number of visitors.